旺家旺装饰工程有限公司是一家集室内设计、预算、施工、材料“四位一体”的专业化装饰公司,座落于英雄城南昌。 WANGJIAWANG decoration engineering Co. Ltd located in heroic city Nanchang, Jiangxi as a professional company which provide full quaternary service for interior design、 project budget、construction works and decoration raw material. 在一个经验丰富、结构合理、勇于创新的创业团队引领下,秉承“海纳百川,有容乃大; 壁立千仞,无欲则刚,坚持以人为本”的团队精神,不断挖掘和积淀文化内涵,吸纳了一大批优秀设计师和管理精英。“客户的口碑是我们最好的代言人”,期待您随时为我们提供宝贵的意见和建议,便于更好地让您省时、省心、省力、省钱!公司将紧紧把握未来市场发展方向,不断提高核心竞争力,用创新设计和优良品质,打造不一样的居住品牌。“做最棒装饰,创品牌企业”,旺家旺人正以饱满的热情和自信一路前行! Under the leadership of such a substantial experienced, sound structure and innovative entrepreneurial team, adhering to the team spirit of Chinese old saying “ Great sea contains all water from hundreds river for its broad tolerance,  thousand cliffs stand all here, it's firm without desire , keep human-oriented” ,  our company continuously keeping research and deposit the profound Chinese culture connotation and acquiring a group of excellent designer and management elite. “Customer feedback and public praise is our best prolocutor” we are expecting more precious suggestions and proposals from you anytime so that allows us do better to save time, save trouble, save energy and save money for u!   We shall hold the trends of future market development and improve core-competitiveness continuously to build up a unique living brand with our innovative design and excellent quality. “Do best decoration to be a brand cooperation”   the people in WANGJIAWANG are going forwarding the way ahead with high enthusiasm and confidence!           创新性设计 设计源于人。公司非常注重寻求自然环境与人文环境的相融和谐、空间设计与生活风水的整体协调,以创新思维将客户的实际需求与设计师的设计风格相结合,不断推陈出新,全面诠释“整体家居”理念,使得“家”不但是个宜居空间,而且是个释放温馨、修身养性、彰显自我的港湾。 Creative Design     Design from human, our company attaches great importance to the harmonious coexistence for natural environment and human culture environment, the overall harmony for space design and living geomancy ,  combine the customer ‘s requirements and stylist’s style with creative thinking, continuously to develop the new from the old, interpreting the ideal of “an Integral home” in an all round way to make “home” is not only a living space, but also a self-demonstrated harbor to release warm , relax body and mind. 合理性价位 物美价廉是真谛。公司不断强化科学管理、细心经营,在保证品质的前提下尽量节省成本、降低价位,提高性价比,最大限度让利给客户。 Reasonable Price     “High quality with low Price” is the true essence.  Our company continuously enforce the scientific management , careful operation, to maximize the discount to customer under the premise of quality guarantee for save cost, reduce the price and improve the cost effectiveness. 专业化施工 品质源于专业。在施工工程上坚持“以质量求生存,靠信誉做品牌”的品质理念,“做一个工程树一个样板,树一个样板立一个口碑”,把每一位客户的家当成自己的家来装修,实行“星级质量服务管理监控”,分阶段回访检验施工质量。 Professional Construction     The quality based on profession. On construction woks, we adhering the quality ideal of  “Survive by quality, Brand-making by prestige” .  “To set up an example for each project,  to build a good public praise for each example”  We take every customer’s home ‘s decoration as our own home,  carry out “star level quality service and management supervisory control” to return the visit for check the construction works quality in stages. 环保型材料 材料重在环保。公司专业配送联合环保品牌材料,确保材料质量优良、健康环保,让业主放心。不断用优质、精美、实用、环保、最具创造力的空间装饰材料为客户提供更多的价值回报。 Environmental –friendly Raw material     The Raw material concentrated on the environmental protection.  Our company specialized in distribution of brand environmental-friendly material which is super quality guaranteed, healthy and environmental protection to reassured the client.  We continuously provide more valuable rewards to customer by adopting super quality, fancy, practical, environmental-friendly and most innovative space decoration raw materials. 一站式服务 设立了售后服务部,全程为客户跟踪服务。履行“热情服务,满意100”的承诺,建立了施工工程投诉与回访的星级服务一站式体系。旺家旺人相信,做好每一次服务,不但可以提升自己的实力,赢得客户的信赖和支持,还可以有效地提升公司的知名度和美誉度,让更多的业主选择旺家旺装饰,让旺家旺装饰为更多的业主服务! One-stop Service We establish the after-sales customer service department to provide the whole-process tracking service.    Keeping the promise of “enthusiastic service to make 100% satisfactory” we establish the one-stop system for construction works complain and return visit service.  All the people in WANGJIAWANG trust that based on making a good job each time, will promote the strength of ourselves and achieve the customer trust and support, even could effectively enhance the company popularity and reputation to make WANGJIAWAN to be the choice of more clients and serve more clients!       口号:真才实料造精品            用心灵绘饰空间 Slogans:  Building the super by genuine.           Decorating the space by soul.                     团队口号:只有创业   没有守业 Slogans:  Keeping start the business only but no following. 广告语:1)旺家旺装饰            旺宅的选择        2)---- 相信旺家旺----             相信创品牌的力量            ---- 装修专家---- Advertisement Slogans: 1).  WANGJIAWANG Decoration      Choice of the thriving home 2)  ---------Trust on WANGJIAWANG decoration----------     Trust the strength of create name brand    ----------Decoration Specialist------------  (7O核心理念:整体设计、整合服务、整体施工、整体材料、整体配饰、整体报价及整体实惠。)+1(完整家居) 让家装更轻松!  
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